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Moreover, a strong focus on epistemological uncertainty was found.Given this background, this panel explored various perspectives on risks and uncertainties associated with climate mitigation policy in an attempt to address some of the gaps within the literature.Zak: Jen and I met on the set of the Web series I starred in and co-wrote called “#Hashtag.” We had a tiny cameo together, but ended up talking and becoming friends.We originally explored a storyline where we would do a spinoff of “#Hashtag” with the relationship between our two characters, but after talking more, we eventually decided it deserved its own entirely new world and show.In the event various theoretical approaches and tools along with empirical studies were presented in order to assess risks and uncertainties in energy and climate change mitigation policies and actions.This served as input to discuss the question whether current framings and methods for evaluating risks and uncertainties in climate policies are sufficient, and the kind of innovative approaches that may be needed to provide useful advice to policy makers and stakeholders.Sanders described the move as a "military decision." She said Trump was concerned the current policy is "expensive and disruptive" and "erodes military readiness and military cohesion." She said the secretary of defense was notified yesterday after Trump made the decision. In a brief written statement, Davis said the Pentagon is working with the White House to "address" what he called "the new guidance" from the president.At the Pentagon, members of the staff of Defense Secretary Jim Mattis appeared to have been caught unaware by Trump's tweets. He said the Pentagon will provide revised guidance to Defense Department officials "in the near future." Members of Congress also seemed caught by surprise. I read about it when you reported it." Transgender service members have been able to serve openly in the military since last year, when former Defense Secretary Ash Carter ended the ban. 1, they have been able to receive medical care and start formally changing their gender identifications in the Pentagon's personnel system.

"Her Story" is a Web series that looks inside the dating lives of transgender and lesbian women as they navigate the intersections of desire and identity. Though many may feel inundated with examples of trans identity -- from actress Laverne Cox and writer Janet Mock to Jeffrey Tambor in “Transparent” or Eddie Redmayne in “The Danish Girl” -- actress Jen Richards isn’t buying it.“Right now we're in the Sidney Poitier phase of trans representation, where the few that we have have to be so unassailable so that we can open doors,” she said in an interview with The Times last year.The review included more than 600 scientific articles that claim to address risk and uncertainty in climate change mitigation in some form.Findings showed that the attention is very unevenly distributed, with a heavy focus on quantitative methods over qualitative, economic risks over other scientific disciplines, governments and businesses over other actors, and energy over other sectors of the economy.Paradigmatic uncertainty results from the absence of prior agreement on the framing of problems, on methods for scientifically investigating them, and on how to combine knowledge from disparate research traditions (Gibbons, 1994; Nowotny et al., 2001).— President Donald Trump said Wednesday he wants transgender people barred from serving in the U. military "in any capacity," citing "tremendous medical costs and disruption." Trump's announcement on Twitter would reverse the effort under President Barack Obama to open the armed services to transgender people.