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This is how psychologists like Gilbert refer to the mind’s uncanny ability to make us feel good about our decisions.Once we’ve committed to a course of action, we stop thinking about alternatives.Before World War II, corporate executives earned large salaries, but typically had no ownership interest in their enterprise.Owners complained that the managers ran the company for the benefit of the managers, not the owners.

They drive corporate leadership towards ever shorter time horizons in ways that run counter to the interests of customers, employees, and shareholders.

The tool feels a tiny bit like a listicle quiz—like a Buzz Feed quiz like “Which Harry Potter character are you? Next, select either the color or black and white photo.

” or “How soon would you have died in Game of Thrones? The difference is that a Buzz Feed quiz means absolutely nothing, while Film Dating will at the very least suggest a film stock you find pleasing to look at. Then, your preferred “environment.” Finally, go through the next several rounds of four photos each, and pick the photo aesthetic you like the best.

Brodsky had a deep connection to the Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE) long before he became Chairman and CEO of the world’s first option exchange in 1997.

Brodsky was an attorney for the securities brokerage and investment banking firm of Model, Roland and Co.