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It is often useful to share the same document over the web, in real time, so that everyone can see exactly what you’re discussing and you can mark up or share calculations together.Or maybe you want to share your computer screen to demonstrate a particular application or website.As a result, conference calls are an essential means of doing business—but sometimes they just don’t provide the appropriate venue for your needs.

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Not only that—the AJA U-TAP doesn't require any software or drivers.

First, let me say: With a little effort, it’s not difficult to create the right impression on your webcam.

If you’re a writer, working at home, then that’s exactly the kind of environment that’s appropriate for you.

Virtual “face-to-face” staff meetings can also be used to reinforce an organizational identity or build camaraderie.

And if you want to go a step further and conduct a more formal online seminar there are tools that let you display slides or your computer screen, conduct polls, or even let participants talk to each other in virtual “breakout rooms.” Tools that offer any of these features are often referred to in aggregate as “online conferencing” applications.