Billy corgan dating shrek dating game scene

While a rep for Corgan had “no comment” when contacted by the source told E!

the two think of themselves as “officially dating.”Billy, 42, who previously has been linked romantically with Courtney Love and Tila Tequila, may reportedly be making Jessica happy, but another source told E!

Corgan has complained that a significant number of his fans are “stuck in 1993,” and while it sounds kinda petulant, to some extent one can relate to his frustration.

Of course, if you’re Billy Corgan, you want to prove that you lost it — but mostly the fans you acquired during that magic moment just want you to repeat it, again and again and again.Corgan started a new band with Chamberlin right away, called Zwan, and after their demise, he released a solo album and a collection of poetry before setting his sights on reforming the Smashing Pumpkins.The new version of that band, consisting of Corgan, Chamberlin, and a revolving tour lineup, released an album in 2007 and followed it with extensive touring over the next year and a half.Jessica's sister and fellow The Veronica's member, Lisa Origliasso, was also spotted with the new couple.Corgan had recently been rumored to be dating Jessica Simpson.