Chat request from hotties

Although it is not very important, the CURLOPT_POSTFIELDS parameter data actually doesn't need to be converted to a string ("urlified").

For API cross-domain requests you may use JSONP protocol.

The app offer ‘Full Customizations’ and not ‘Full Customization’ There are a lot of elements that they don’t let you have access to.

On their website, they also cut off all of their screen shots before showing the part that has their logo on everything.

If an app has less than 10 000 users, 5 requests per second, up to 100 000 8 requests, up to 1 000 000 20 requests, 1 000 000 35 requests.

If one of this limits is exceeded, the server will return following error: 'Too many requests per second'.

It's worth noting that if you decide to use an array for the headers, do NOT end the keys or values with '\r\n'.

var script = document.create Element('SCRIPT'); = "https://com/method/get Profiles?

uid=66748&access_token=533bacf...&callback=callback Func"; Elements By Tag Name("head")[0].append Child(script); function callback Func(result) Parameters can be transmitted both with GET and POST methods.

If you need to send a lot of data (more than 2 kb), use POST method.

They make you pay an extra fee to remove the logo- even though its not shown anywhere on their site.

View): async def get(self): session = await get_session(self.request) if session.get('user'): url = router['main'].url() raise web.