Colton haynes dating holland updating the address book

She and Max Carver have been coupled up for about a year now, but check out all the other cuties (slash co-stars) she was linked to before then: 1.Colton Haynes — Colton is also no stranger to dating rumors, and has been said to be a compulsive co-star dater.

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The decision to make Jackson is something showrunner Jeff Davis made years ago.Jeff took Colton on a romantic vacation to pop the question.He set up a whole candle lit walkway, an outdoor screen to watch a movie, and a heart made of rose pedals. I can’t believe you,” Colton said in one of his Instagram stories.I just felt like he went off to London and found himself.” Colton Haynes, who came out himself last year and just got engaged, adds that “it makes total sense. His character’s always been kind of an arrogant prick, so I’m the one who tones him down.” “They complement each other perfectly,” Colton says.That’s why Jackson carried around that angst.” We catch up with Ethan and Jackson in the September 10th episode in London.