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Reportedly, an insider close to the situation says friends called 911 after they heard De La Hoya make strange noises in her pal's Hollywood residence. Soon, firefighters and an ambulance arrived and sources say Daisy was acting "crazy," yelling, screaming and thrashing around. Sadly, these men, in many instances, turned out to be pedophiles.

His relationship with Ron lasted several years but Feldman also formed relationships with other adults who reached out during this time.

Corey Feldman came, too."And Daisy was apparently eager to help Haim overcome his drug addiction."Daisy knew Corey was doing a lot of drugs — especially prescription meds," the source said."She thought he was kind and talented, and she wanted to rescue him.

Things appeared to be looking up for Corey Haim when he died.

Not only did the fallen 38-year-old actor have eight film projects in the works, but he also had a new love interest who wanted to rescue him from substance abuse.

But Daisy was still said to be "inconsolable" when she heard the tragic news of Haim's passing.