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Speaking of weight, did you know Little Lord Fauntleroy lost 200 pounds? ) I do have some sympathy for Drew—he’s new money, newly thin, and newly out, and he’s on a reality show. Parents, show your children footage of Drew smoking, and it will never seem cool again.

(Not good for the dog, dude.) But all of that pales in comparison to Drew’s attempt to smoke on camera.

Highly visible and really loud club atmosphere keeps the bar crowd out, though the entrance is the same. She is incensed when Matt dares to wear sunglasses and bring a newspaper to brunch at Sfuzzi. ” She apparently takes this as a compliment and not as an indication that maybe it’s time to change some things. He has kicked for some 10 NFL teams in the last eight years or so, and he can name them all! He also fails to mention playing for the Amsterdam Admirals. Courtney doesn’t like the single mom (aka co-star) that Bravo forced Matt to bring to a dinner at Na’an Sushi. “He probably stopped by a coffee shop to get a paper,” she deduces. As for the rest of the cast, they are merely supporting characters. She likes to drink wine, and she can’t go to Europe without someone asking “Who shot JR? Like Matt, he is not looking for a relationship because he is very busy building his career. He fails to mention that he was let go from many of those teams before the seasons began.Hannah calls out Bugsy and Bobby Giancola’s reading of the private messages – and their Scooby Doo antics afterward – as immature. RELATED: Captain Sandy Yawn Is Shocked By Malia Love Square When she learned the crew had gotten wind of her little fling with Jason – by way of their texts – Hannah says she was shocked at their behavior.Hannah first explains the kiss heard round the mega yacht: “Jason and I had a lot of chemistry as soon as he came on board, but it really went against my rules to hook up with a charter guest! She shares in her blog, “I can’t really imagine reading someone else’s texts – let alone a primary charter guest!