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This is why the context of industry benchmarks is so critical — you don’t want to be fooled into thinking you’re doing great when really, your performance may only be average, at best. You want to be that shining, sparkling, glorious unicorn advertiser who outperforms the average by would be an above-average performance. In fact, if you’re only getting the average 1.91%, you’re way behind the competition, because the Dating and Personals average CTR for Search is 3.4%!You’ll have to do way, way better than the Search-wide average to compete in these industries, as well: In these industries, you’ll need average click-through rates of 10% to 15% to achieve true unicorn status, but with a little elbow grease, you can be an advertising unicorn, too.

Members can perform detailed searches of thousands of quality photo profiles.Includes detailed profiles with in-depth essays and videos of members, compatibility and intimacy matching, live chat, instant messaging and much more!Spiritual Dating Site for Conscious Singles to Meet and Create Spiritual Partnerships.They are considered one of the keyword match types, but they match differently than their regular counterparts.I’ve used this example before but I think it illustrates the point nicely: You are phrase targeting the keyword “door repair” and want to target homeowners.