Dating prehistoric pottery

It is most prevailing archaeological material have been found at prehistoric settlements and even graves sometimes.Accelerator Mass Spectrometry (AMS) dating technique will be applied on organic residues (food remains and cremated bones) detached from sherds and found inside of vessels.Emma is now drawing the pottery fragments and Steve is writing the report on the pottery.

dating prehistoric pottery-59

Those which can be identified appear to be fragments of modelled animals.

They appear to have been developed independently of anything that had come before.'We are starting to see that several distinct Palaeolithic societies made art from ceramic materials long before the Neolithic era, when ceramics became more common and were usually used for more functional purposes.’Their report, published this week, suggests that although earlier ceramic remnants have been found elsewhere, they had no connection with the site, where the ability to make these artefacts appears to have been independently rediscovered by the people who lived there.

Vela Spila is a large, limestone cave on Korčula Island, in the central Dalmatian archipelago.

25 samples will be analyzed in Dating laboratory, University of Helsinki.

Results will be examined and interpreted in a context of the Eastern Baltic.