Divide by 2 add 7 dating

Now, even though they're legally dateable and pretty hot. I mean, the obvious reason being they are famous and I am not.But think about dating an 18 year old when you are almost 23. HOWEVER, another friend of mine, Cedric, informed me of this dope rule that was passed along to him. See, you take your age, divide it by 2 and add 7 to it.In other words, I think I need to expand my age range. Obviously I’m not advocating using this as a strict guide to whom you can or cannot date. ”) or logic, but I do know plenty of couples who are happy and way out of the age range. But if you really have no idea how old or young you should be dating, this silly formula can actually be eye opening. When I was 21, I randomly set my dating age cap at 30, and it’s sort of stuck there ever since. If Jordan Catalano ever showed any glimmer of interest, well. Unfortunately, I’m definitely not 21 any more, and 30 is, well, not that much older than me. Because the idea of dating someone in their teens makes me uncomfortable, I’m gonna go ahead and round that up to an even 20, which seems… still pretty young to me, honestly, but I guess 5 years isn’t that much.

However, the mature, responsible adult in me shut that train of thought right down and got an elephant to sit on it – I mean, he’s a boy, right?! Talented – extremely Easy-going – yes (Yes that does spell ‘cassette’) I’m bringin’ retro back, yuup!

Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing...

Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate. I'm 25 which puts me with a 36 year old which sounds about right for take your age, minus 7 and double it.

"Half, plus seven" is the age-old dating rule for dudes.

It justifies the dating of younger women, within reason.