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Hailey and Cameron were most recently spotted leaving an IMG Model party together at Delilah on Wednesday night.

According to a source they didn’t arrive together but made plans to be together after the party.

In general, keeping something on the down low means keeping it a secret.

But, some suggest that the expression originates among Black communities in the US to refer specifically to secret relationships, including infidelity or extramarital affairs in heterosexual relationships.

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I know, I know, the logistics of dating as a solo parent who’s working to provide for her family can get tough.

“Every time I go to Atlanta, I hear [people saying] ‘It is 6 to 1, women to men.’ It’s not. But when it comes to dating, attitude is everything and Atlanta is hostile territory.

“There are plenty of men and a little bit of desperation in the air in Atlanta, so it doesn’t bode well.

This could refer to anything — a friend’s surprise birthday party, an embarrassing accident, an affair.There are Black women who are totally frustrated with their options and young women who think they should be married by age 30, Howie says.Men in Atlanta take advantage of that desperation and get away with more crap than men in cities like New York, Howie observed.It’s early and they are taking it slow.” Despite their best efforts to keep their dating on the down-low, they were spotted in L. HIV and AIDS has been ignored by black churches since the 1980s.