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Assigned to the case was maverick ATF special agent Doug Carlin (Denzel Washington), adept at reading the details of bombed crime scenes.At the site of the disaster, he heard his own unique cellphone ring tone inside one of the black body bags.As for the 34-year-old groom, he wore a dapper blue suit.A few of Chastain's famous friends attended the ceremony, including Emily Blunt, Anne Hathaway and Chastain's The couple reportedly started dating in 2013.Minuti, not Claire, was Oerstadt's original source for a vehicle to use in the bombing, until Minuti's Blazer was shot up and deemed unsuitable.] [She had been dumped in the river by her murderer "so she would appear to be just another disaster victim." Each digit of her right hand had been severed - to eliminate possible DNA identification after she had bloodily scratched her killer across the face.] Carlin speculated about bomb residue on the female victim: "The bomber came in direct contact with the victim.You solve her case, you solve this case." Did her murder have something to do with the ferry disaster, and could they track the killer through her during her last few days of life?

The body could also be that of Carlin's doomed ATF colleague and partner, Larry Minuti (Matt Craven).

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And then there's this past weekend's troubled Aloha, where the petite Stone feels so ill-matched with her 40-year-old screen lover Bradley Cooper that Hitfix's Drew Mc Weeny wrote how Cooper "comes off as a sad, broken old man who is attracted to her youth like a vampire." Yikes!

Jennifer Lawrence had no love interest in the Oscar-nominated Winter's Bone, so for most audiences, the first time she showed off her sexual side was when she clambered into Michael Fassbender's bed in X-Men: First Class in an attempt to seduce the 14-years-older actor.