Entourage not updating mailbox

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Entourage comes with the Microsoft Office installation cd, which can be obtained from the Davis Family Library Circulation Desk.

If you are trying to rebuild a database that was recovered from Time Machine, the results can be mixed.

It’s worth a try, but I suggest exporting the data and creating a new Identity Now that the user’s database was rebuilt, the size was further reduced by stripping out attachments from the Sent folder and running the rebuild again. Now Entourage 2004 was able to import the Entourage X Identity.

The issues vary from mail not syncing at all to delayed and intermittent mail retrieval from the Exchange server to mail disappearing and just about everything in between.

The problem is a communication issue between the mail client and the mail server.

Thanks to Peter from New Zealand for posting this fix.

Examining why this worked For help stripping out attachments so this problem doesn’t happen to your database see Trim attachments Recommended: The Mac-L is an excellent talk list to get general Mac help.

Therefore, clients that use POP3, IMAP4, and Web DAV protocols to access their mailboxes may experience performance issues after you move their mailboxes between databases or servers.

You can preconfigure some useful settings in Entourage.

For installation notes see Office 2008 Installation.

For clients that use Web DAV clients, such as Entourage 2004, severe performance issues on the server side may be caused when content is converted for large messages in the Inbox and in other folders.

In extreme cases, very large temporary files may be created on the server that is running Exchange Server when this issue occurs in POP3, IMAP4, or Web DAV scenarios.