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Besides the discussion of how this could become a legal issue, the robot named Mark 1 also brought (back) to the surface the question of whether realistic female robots would be yet another source for the objectification of women.

The issue has already been addressed by , but Ma doesn’t seem to comprehend that.

Young Yoko is aged just over 18, but she’s inexperienced and wants to learn, whereas Mature Martha can show her owner the ropes. Martha’s purpose, just like Young Yoko or S&M Susan or Wild Wendy or Frigid Farrah’s purpose, is to provide more than just sex.

Wild Wendy is up for anything, while Frigid Farrah needs a lot of coaxing. Stilted, to be sure, but also surprisingly detailed. She talks to you in an empty robotic voice that sounds a little like a mix between Siri and Macin Talk Victoria. She’s there as a True Companion, to talk to you before and after sex, or maybe in place of it if you’re not in the mood. The personalities offered by Roxxxy are crude types, but they are instructive, insofar as they tell us what sexbots are likely to proliferate, especially as the technology to customise them becomes more sophisticated.

Amy can, however, chat on a number of other issues not involving adult content.

He bought himself a 3D printer, spent over ,000, and created Mark 1 in 18 months.

But he doesn’t think robots could replace humans, even though they are, indeed, important assets for the economy.

There is only one true sexbot that you can go out and buy today. And depending on the model you choose, she can ‘hear’ you, ‘talk’ to you, and ‘feel’ you.

Her name is Roxxxy, and she is a ‘robot companion’ intended to look human, or something very close. First introduced in 2010 after nearly a decade of development, the Roxxxy line now includes Roxxxy Gold, Roxxxy Silver, and Roxxxy Pillow, as well as Rocky.