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This sex toy bonanza will fill any girls' night with giggles.Companies like Sensual Sizzles send a representative over to your house with an arsenal full of sex toys you haven't even heard of before. And, no, taking a pole dancing class does not make you a slut. Take a ladies-only workout class at a Montreal fitness studio, like Miss Fit, for example.Start the day relaxing to the drumming beats of Tam Tams, and end it dancing under the sun at Piknic Electronik with a drink in your hand.

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In the space located in front of Place Heineken on Ste.

Everyone needs to try bagels from both of these Montreal institutions and be well versed in how to win against anyone who dares to say that bagels from New York are better.

Shut them down with some straight up logic and sweet, sweet bagels.

These infections spread quickly and their incidence is rising steadily.

Some infected individuals remain symptomless and can therefore unknowingly pass on their disease.