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Hit the ground running: Aim for a good latch within an hour of birth—and get a pro (like an IBCLC) to help you.

Your baby is programmed to go from birth to the boob, both for comfort and colostrum—so weighing, tests, and relatives can wait.

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I wish we had been better prepared.''There is a tendency within some antenatal organisations to over-romanticise breastfeeding,' says lactation consultant Katherine Fisher.'The truth is that, for some women, it's equal to than giving Cristen Conger | Jul 1, 2011 In "Should women donate their breast milk?", Molly and I chat about what women do with excess breast milk they can't use.Breastfeeding doesn’t ‘just come naturally’ to every mum – there are so many who have tried every trick in the book to get their baby to latch on with no joy.But the good news is, there is help on hand It’s 4am and you’ve been trying to breastfeed your baby for what seems like hours with no success.