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Other notable village sites include the birthplace of Chief Seattle, which was located near the current footprint of the King Street Station.George Vancouver was the first European to visit the Seattle area in May 1792 during his 1791-95 expedition to chart the Pacific Northwest.The Denny party's original site was an unfinished cabin, without roof, and a camp site, located at Alki Point, in West Seattle.Balconette, strapless, plunge, full cup, half cup – this bra business is complicated stuff.There have been at least five such cycles: What is now Seattle has been inhabited since the end of the last glacial period (c. Evidence of continuous human habitation of a village site within the current city limits of the city of Seattle dating back to the 6th century C. exists on the Port of Seattle Terminal 107 site, located on the Western bank of the Duwamish River.The site was abandoned in approximately 1800, for unknown reasons.Seattle is a major port city that has a history of boom and bust.Seattle has on several occasions been sent into severe decline, but has typically used those periods to successfully rebuild infrastructure. In the mid-1850s the Coast Salish peoples of what is now called the Duwamish Tribe and Suquamish, as well as other associated groups and tribes, were living in some 13 villages within the present-day city limits of Seattle.

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