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Even where affinity laws still exist, there is a tendency for legislatures or courts to determine that an affinity relationship ends with the death or divorce of the person who created the affinity relationship.

Many states include within a consanguinity statute a prohibition against marriage with a relative by adoption.

After her father's death, Mary's family moved 100 miles south to New Wilmington, Pa., another small town, where the back roads are filled with brown buggies and white shingled homes.

There, Mary's two older cousins and brothers began molesting her.

Boys, as well as girls, are victims of child sexual abuse. Many perpetrators were perceived by the child to be an authority, including: father, grandfather, mother, brother, uncle, friend of the family, aunt, teacher -- unfortunately the list is endless.

Some of the social maladjustments arising from incest are: alcoholism, drug addiction, self-injury, prostitution, promiscuity, sexual disfunctionand suicide.

Since there is no blood relationship between relations by adoption who desire to marry, the state interest in preventing genetic problems in their offspring does not apply.

However, the state may still have an interest in promoting family harmony by such a prohibition. An adopted brother and sister, who were not related to each other by blood, were refused a marriage license because state law included adoptive relations within the ban on consanguineous marriages.

"I felt like throwing up" is a common response among victims. Anorexia can be another form of self-punishment, or a desperate grab for control, eventually leading to the ultimate self-victimization, suicide.And she thought about her older brother, Johnny, and his refusal when she'd asked him to go to therapy the day before. "When I was 4 years old, I was molested, when I was 6, I was sexually abused (rape) from then on till I was 17," the 19-year-old put down."There was nothing I could do about this abuse as it was incest." Mary gave the letter to a friend, who drove 30 minutes northwest of the house where Mary was staying in the Wisconsin town of Viroqua, past a couple of dirt roads, a string of red barns, and frozen cornfields.The little girl had put the doll's bonnet on backward.Mary fingered her long brown hair as she thought of her sister.