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This led to curiosity about dating practices in other countries and cultures.

I have some questions on interracial dating the UK?

I read the first section of the book, "Foundations for Christian Leaders" years ago, and while I found examinations of biblical foundations, counseling tips, racial misconceptions, and historical examinations of interracial marriages helpful, it only spoke to my mind, not my soul, so I put it down and just picked it up again last week.

I was pleasantly surprised to discover that section 2 "Support for interracial couples and multiracial families" addressed much of what I'd been looking for.

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What do you all think are the attitudes towards interracial dating in the UK?These women were sex slaves (rather than wives) of non-black men (cf.the older US euphemism children of the plantation).I am dating a man who loves motorcycles, and music.I am dating a man with a future.‘I am dating a man with a great sense of humor.