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Apparently the main festival had rejected the film, but someone said, "This seems more like Colin's thing." Colin loved the film and put us in the festival -- dead last.

But I knew that no matter what I did, no matter how much muscle I put on, what would really sell it was the look in this guy’s eyes.

He wanted to make the movies he envisioned, and for the most part he did just that.

"Dawn Of The Dead is about how we're just a country cannibalizing itself, turning into one shopping mall, and everyone at the mall is just brain-dead, wandering around.

” says Eli Roth, the 43-year-old torture-porn auteur best known for his Hostel franchise.

What began as a conversation about New York’s culinary scene has very quickly devolved into a rambling history lesson on the brutal Liberian civil war.

Eli Roth does an AMA on Reddit, remembers ONTD's shameful night. So I went to myspace and made them set up accounts proving they were 18 before I'd even look. This was 1991 when doctors and scientists were on line. I was surprised and how shocked and upset people were.

Does the Livejournal community Ohnotheydidnt (ONTD) and blueberries mean anything to you?