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We also want to ask about a certain screen grab from Fear and just about everything from Poison Ivy II (NSFW). But a friend – let’s call him TBL2 – offered a question that stumped us: Milano and Gabrielle Union have dated more athletes than any other celebrity on the planet, and in terms of bragging rights, who’s got it? Zito on his way to greatness, but he just had a terrible season in San Fran.

Touching moment from the Red Sox-Royals game this past Thursday afternoon, as Boston starter Josh Beckett presented a young Red Sox fan sitting in the front row a baseball, which brought the youngster to tears.

I keed, I keed…the little guy is overwhelmed with emotion, and it’s quite heartwarming to tell you the truth.

Going to the ballpark with the man I am assuming is his Dad, then being handed a baseball by the Red Sox starting pitcher is a lot to handle in one afternoon for such a young kid.

So we all know Alyssa Milano is doing a bang-up job over at the Hot Corner.

Her interviews make us want to ask her how the heck she’s remained so damn cute through the years. There’s probably some kind of trophy she deserves for nabbing athletes.