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As if those of us who live in The Villages have not heard the jokes and references to an article from years ago stating that our community has the highest STD (Sexually Transmitted Disease) rate among seniors in the country, we now will be once again in the headlines of media as being the community with the geriatric sexually live performances in our town squares.

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And it was the first time a same-sex couple won the title of prom royalty.

On the contrary: Women are more likely to have strong social networks, which enable them to live alone without being alone.

Men are more at risk of withdrawing into isolation that, at the extremes, can be miserable and indeed dangerous. And it matters because the people in question are hardly a negligible demographic.

The superintendent, however, denied having sent the letter to Gorhe.

The Sena leader handed over a copy of the letter to chief minister Devendra Fadnavis and requested for an inquiry.