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Absolute dating: Also known as chronometric dating, a dating method that is used to determine an object’s approximate age in calendar years.

The most common example in archaeology is radiocarbon (or carbon-14) dating.

I suggest that the complex shape of the ‘warped neutral sheet’ is created by the Sun's periodic interaction with the brown dwarf Nibiru as it moves through the solar system.

We suggest that the bombardment persisted for many hundreds of millions of years and affected most inner Solar System bodies.

Methods borrowed from the natural sciences are also used for dating objects of prehistoric epochs.

Due to the diverse nature of the archaeological field, the terminology that is specific to the discipline is seemingly endless.

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Compilations of the Ar–Ar data, as well as a detailed analysis of how these age distributions should be interpreted, were provided by B.

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The Moon experienced an intense period of impacts about 4 Gyr ago.

This cataclysm is thought to have affected the entire inner Solar System and has been constrained by the radiometric dating of lunar samples: Ar ages between 3.4 and 4.1 Gyr ago from Vesta, the H-chondrite parent body and the Moon record impacts from numerous main-belt asteroids that were driven onto high-velocity and highly eccentric orbits by the effects of the late migration of the giant planets.