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Gunn used those threats to pressure a number of the children and teenagers to produce elicit and pornographic material of themselves.

Over a period of more than two years, Gunn repeatedly used computers, chat rooms, and other social media outlets to threaten hundreds of young girls, ages 9 to 16, located throughout the United States and internationally.

From unannounced “pre-downloads“, where files totalling more than 3GB were silently stashed locally in case you wanted them later, through ambiguous dialogs that upgraded you when you thought you’d declined, to unexpected popups in the middle of weather report live on TV, it seemed that Microsoft just couldn’t get it right.

In six months during 2008, the agency collected images from 1.8 million users.

Oh, and they experimented with allowing agents to search by facial recognition.

The photo went out on the Indianapolis Colts owner's Twitter page early Thursday morning -- but was promptly deleted 12 minutes later ...

Neither Irsay nor the Colts have issued an official statement yet.