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On my way to meet Patti Stanger, third-generation matchmaker and crazy-successful businesswoman, I imagined that she might know of a tattooed, emo millionaire who is just perfect for me. She not only stars in but also executive-produces her Bravo show, “The Millionaire Matchmaker,” which begins its third season on January 19.

Like a Jewish mother, she offered up the sushi on her plate, saying, “Try one. ” One thing was exceptionally clear from our chat—home girl is crazy busy these days.

And you can normally see these deal-breakers from a mile away, even on his dating profile. I’m a professional matchmaker and I’ve made mistakes!

So, I can only assume that “normals” who don’t make their living on love are definitely making mistakes when it comes to the swiping game.

"In the ever-changing industry of online dating, we have been able to remain an innovator of online dating with 700,000 members using our site via mobile apps each and every day, while still offering our services for free," says the site's founder Markus Frind.

I’m all about keeping an open mind when it comes to dating.

I encourage all of my women to stick to three non-negotiable deal-makers and then open their mind to anything else.

(EST), and has launched her own online dating site, Ps Xo They would not know to open the car door or pay the valet. And I was like, “Someone needs to teach these guys a lesson!” One of my friends owned another dating agency and she needed hot Jewish girls and she was like, “Would you come and date these nerds for me and teach them a lesson? ” The Frisky: When did Millionaire’s Club turn into “The Millionaire Matchmaker”?Sure you may have a type, but would it really matter if a guy were five inches shorter than your ideal height if everything else were perfect?Or so what if he didn’t go a great school as long as he has a great career that he’s proud of?