Professor dating former student

» Dating is a personal issue – unless it involves the workplace or the classroom.In several law schools where I have worked, there are professors or employees who are happily married to former students, whom they began to date while they were students.But administrators, professors and students alike say that the issue of faculty-student dating is a complex one.Some say that the unequal power in a relationship between a student and a faculty member -- particularly one who is in a position to grade or make recommendations about the student he or she is dating -- is inherently exploitative.085114055 #11009By Desparing and Confused on Friday, May 21, 2004 - pm Dear all, I am a 31 year old (about to turn 32) single never married tenure track prof at a university.I need help resolving some feelings and thoughts I have been having about a former student of mine who took a course with me last year.I know that it is ethically and morally wrong to date one's student; I've been having an inner battle over this for quite a while now.

My basic question is whether it is right to ask her out.

This is not just icky—it is highly damaging to the profession.

For despite the handful of happy families that result from professor/grad student couplings, the practice has an overwhelmingly deleterious effect on the academic community.

An increasing number of companies and schools are instituting no-dating policies for these reasons. Posted by Kelly Anders on December 22, 2014 at PM in Current Affairs, Life of Law Schools, Teaching Law, Workplace Law | Permalink Professors should not date students.

Schools, including law schools, should forbid this behavior, full stop.