Sedating dogs on airplanes datingbulgaria com

Four hours is not that long, so she may just need to tough it out.Sedating a dog is actually not a very good idea because a lot of times they become extremely disoriented, which compounds any anxiety they were already experiencing.

However, before we get into the Q&A, I want to say upfront that the best advice about dog air travel is -- don't ship your pet in cargo unless it is absolutely unavoidable.My suggestion for this would be to put her in a room away from loud noises, lots of people, other animals, etc and pet her and play with her.There was nothing I could do or say to calm him down or snap him out of it -- he was completely shut down.Here are ten checklist items to keep the stress level down and both you and Fido happy!Being unprepared to take a flight with Fido, where he will be placed down below as cargo, can add unnecessary stress when taking a trip.