Single girl dating guide

A Single Girl’s Guide to Dating in REAL life is meant to be just that, a guide.

My advice comes directly from the myriad of ridiculous dates I’ve been on, experiences from my friends and family and just general common sense.

If you’re new to the online dating scene, take these few tips into consideration the next time you’re online.

Don’t over-disclose Don’t go overboard with your online dating profile.

It's a goal most people have, but it can be difficult to pull off when you're unsure about how to wade into the murky waters of the dating pool.

It is possible to land the partner of your dreams by just logging-in, but it is more important to make wise decisions and never give out your personal information to strangers. I don't call her that, but she is from my high school days. She struck up a convo with a guy who happened to be celebrating his 40th birthday. Then we met a British guy and a pilot, both in their 30s! Jenny whispered to me that he had to be a mob boss. He had slicked back hair, a facelift (Jenny said he also had injections and hair plugs—basically, a lot of work done), and this long white coat over a dark shirt. Here's what I learned last night, re: finding them: Go to bars that are not dives and not loud. Bachelor #1 is 26 (gasp, a year younger than her... And she seems to agree with me but I can also see her running the spectrum of emotions in her texts, emails and calls.see #3 below), successful, attractive and from the sounds of it a stand-up guy (picked the place and made a reservation. Dating (notice I didn't say "being single") can be scary, especially after leaving the comfort of a 3 year, live-in lover kind of situation.