Undergraduate dating

And I think it's changed in a direction of sexual paranoia," Kipnis said.

a policy that addresses professor and faculty and student relationships," said Sara-Jane Finlay, UBC's associate vice-president for equity and inclusion.

of Geology, Geoluminescence Dating Research Laboratory (Geolum) web site.

Our focus is the judicious application of luminescence dating either independently or in concert with other dating methods to better understand Quaternary tectonic, climate, environmental, and cultural changes.

CBC News asked UBC's faculty association for its take on the matter, but it didn't respond. S., however, a handful of prominent universities like Stanford, Yale and Harvard were prompted to prohibit these relationships after a change in national education law, Title IX, which parallels upcoming changes in Ontario and B. Title IX prohibits gender discrimination in any federally funded education program.

Originally aimed at athletics programs, it has since been increasingly interpreted to include sexual harassment and assault.