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Related Question(s): high memory usage - wuauserv Bunch of computers in my work network have one core consumed by Windows Updates all the time, but users don't even notice this.

The easiest way to tell if your CPU is bottlenecking your PC’s performance is to take a look at your CAM dashboard to monitor how much processing power your PC is using during gaming.You can only replace your CPU with another CPU that uses the same socket.Otherwise you will need to replace also your motherboard (and maybe other components, like memory, if your new motherboard requires a different kind of memory, for example).I've observed a strange behaviour with Windows Update (Win7 SP1).The process svchost is consuming an entire core of my Virtual Machine (Virtual Box) doing nothing (i.e., there is no network traffic and the folder increases in size during a period of time, and after that nothing happens and svchost continues to consume an entire core.