Vh1 tough love dating tips 3 laws of relative dating

), I spend a considerable amount of my time glued to the small screen, fully immersed in televised romantic highs and woes.

Two shows that I am particularly taken with are Bravo’s .

, but he's also been coaching singles and making matches for 20 years. Unless you’ve slept with her already, don't make sexual innuendos.

So, we turned to him with some of your dating questions to guide in matters of love. Don't discuss -- or at the very least -- don’t dwell on your ex.

If they ask you questions that you’re uncomfortable with, just provide a pleasant reply and pivot. If you catch her fidgeting, slouching, playing on her phone or making less eye contact, you’re losing her.

Don’t dwell on it forever though, or you’ll catapult yourself into the friend zone. For the most part, women love to talk about their friends, their family and their pets.

From to all of those awful reality TV celeb-dating fiascos (I even wrote an article about reality TV dating tips because I am so obsessed!

Let her go on for as long as she likes, but don’t let it be an entirely one-sided conversation.

Because of how ubiquitous messaging is in our daily lives (text, email, status updates, etc.) sometimes it can be uncomfortable to vocalize yourself instead. Turn the tables and ask them something that would be easy to answer and changes the subject. Find out what she's passionate about and do your best to learn as much as you can about it.

I thought that was pretty cool, especially because I usually just suggest drinks.

I want to come off as more interesting when meeting women -- what suggestions do you have for original first date ideas?