Warhawk stats not updating Chat without registration picture

Twelve hours later my stats have still not updated. Any new group that doesn't know me at all, will only go off hard numbers to start off with, and if there are no hard numbers, I'm not getting into the group.

Right now, I can basically only play ranked as a Solo Queue (which they can basically skip the middle man and just lower my rank the minute I click the button), or with people I already know.

Warhawk is a multiplayer third-person shooter video game developed by Incognito Entertainment for the Play Station 3.

Jobe is introducing training tutorials to ease new players into the community, with three lessons to learn and a Trophy awaiting their completion.

To see your stats, log off for four or five hours then log back on.

Warhawk will get another free patch on 27th August, adding all sorts of features such as Trophies, training tutorials, paint jobs, and more, Sony has announced - confirming previous reports.

Platform: PS4 Issue: Stats not updating points/rank Can you reproduce this issue 100% of the time: Yes.

Details on how to reproduce the issue: play round, complete hutt requirements, rank up etc, watch score update at end of round, quit before next round starts, check stats.