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You can zoom, pan, and scan the weather center, search for deer, wild turkeys, coyotes, and surrounding countryside. I'm looking to get some webcams, thinking the logitech c910 (two of them or one and something else).I also have the older 9000 and that is pretty good as well.If you record a HD video file then yeah, the file is going to be kind of large. I started using the C910 for video overlay in Mix Emergency. Thanks for the input guys, but like i said im not hooking the webcam to my Mac.You will find little camera icons where our weather cameras have been placed.The Sony Interactive Cameras (see below) can be viewed with Internet Explorer. Our cameras are best viewed with Internet Explorer.The activities you see may help you understand the challenges of renovating a structure that’s in the core of campus and surrounded by academic buildings.Construction notices about Carver are also posted on the website, including information on the upcoming Town Hall informational meeting at noon on Friday, Oct. For more information, contact Dale Krause, construction coordinator, at 360-650-4646 or [email protected]


Im also looking for alternatives to Camtwist something for a PC - i want the software to switch between the cams and also the Serato Vid output if possible. It's 3 times the size of compatible 1080p 30fps content.This equipment will create very loud, deep rumbling noise and vibrations, and will operate intermittently for the next several weeks.The Carver webcams are now live; check out the website see real-time construction progress.If you take any nice photos of the Bass Rock share them with us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with #Bass Rock #Seabird Centre #seabirddays.Click HERE to keep up-to-date with the island's wildlife sightings.