Your dating my best friend quotes

BFFs have a special relationship that is unlike regular friendships. From Dionne and Cher, to Lucy and Ethel, to Meredith and Cristina, best friends will always be trending in pop culture.

Movies and TV shows we love have long documented BFF-ships, from the serious to the silly.

It hurts so badly that sometimes I don't even know what to do.... I'd like some quotes to either tell him or to make me feel a little better...

either way, thank you.(`'·.¸(`'·.¸ ¸.·'´)¸.·'´) «-··.¸¸. Unique Me .¸¸.··-» ( ¸.·'´(¸.·'´ `'·.¸)`'·.¸)*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*I'd rather be a could-be if I cannot be an are; because a could-be is a maybe who is reaching for a star.

An airport official once let us through check-in on each other’s passports.

One night, we even made ourselves blood sisters, convinced our friendship would last forever.

After lots of tears, Vanessa told Tara she felt betrayed and wasn't sure she could continue the friendship--the trust between them was gone.

Vanessa was yelling and crying, sure, but obviously this was a huge shock.

Now, all of a sudden, he decides that he doesn't want to be friends with me anymore and won't really even tell me why!

Because having a best friend is one of the most important things in life - and losing that bond is far worse than any other relationship break up. A few months after my BFF and I stopped talking, I broke up with my first serious boyfriend.

You see, a close friend of mine, let's call her...

The pinprick on my palm has faded – the memory hasn’t.

It’s why I feel for the one in ten people in the UK – about five million – who say they don’t have a single close friend to call on.